THINK Business LIVE: Jon Dwoskin Talks with Susie Taaffe

THINK Business LIVE: Jon Dwoskin Talks with Susie Taaffe

In this informative podcast, Jon Dwoskin talks to Susie Taaffe, CEO and founder of Skanties, the adaptive fashion brand at the forefront of the Anti-Shapewear movement. With her decade experience working as an engineer and having designed and manufactured her own maternity clothing brand, Susie successfully launched Skanties in the Australian market in 2019 as a single mother of three young children. Having launched Skanties in the US market in 2023, Susie continues to expand this global movement. 

Key takeaways:

  • Susie discusses her "stuck points" and challenges - talking to other entrepreneurs and use of online resources was vital to her success.
  • Time management - prioritisation and learning what is important is key
  • Life lessons - how Susie went from "life lessons" and found her mission

Full podcast here:

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