Redesigning Shapewear and Life with Susie Taaffe

Redesigning Shapewear and Life with Susie Taaffe

In this insightful "Momma Has Goals" podcast, Susie explores how she navigated divorce, single motherhood, and the importance of maintaining positive relationships, especially when it's tough. Susie's life is a testament to confidence and courage. If you're looking for wisdom on building confidence, handling life's judgments, and gaining a glimpse into the world of a true go-getter, this episode is a must-listen! 

Key takeaways:

  • Motherhood, self-confidence, self-care and body positivity.
  • Navigating life changes and self-discovery after a blindsiding event - coping with divorce and moving forward, and co-parenting and managing relationships after divorce.
  • Entrepreneurship, product development, and market research - with resilience and problem-solving.
  • Relocating to the US.
  • Habits, self-awareness and personal growth.

Full podcast here: 

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