HEAL HER podcast with Susie Taaffe: ”How To Put It On The Shelf"

HEAL HER podcast with Susie Taaffe: ”How To Put It On The Shelf"

In this HEAL HER podcast, Susie Taaffe talks to Makini Smith and shares how she is able to put her problems on the shelf until she has the capacity to problem solve, and how you can too. Susie is at the forefront of the Anti-Shapewear movement, which rejects prolonged body compression and the use of non-breathable synthetic materials that can have harmful effects. 

With her decade experience working as an engineer and having designed and manufactured her own maternity clothing brand, Susie successfully launched Skanties in the Australian market in 2019 as a single mother of three young children. 

Having launched Skanties in the US market in 2023, Susie continues to expand this global movement, remaining dedicated to helping women reclaim their feminine power through fashion, and to empower people to love themselves from the inside out.

Key takeaways:

  • Divorce and adapting as a single mother all whilst launching her business
  • Healing body image issues
  • Problem-solving and much more!

Full podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/susie-taaffe-how-to-put-it-on-the-shelf/id1439152164?i=1000632678282

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